Apple Contemplating Launching More Affordable MacBook in 2024

Analysts Suggest Apple Aims to Boost Notebook Sales with an Entry-Level MacBook

Apple is on the brink of unveiling new MacBook Pro models featuring the latest Apple M3 processors, but fresh indications suggest that the tech giant is actively exploring the possibility of introducing a budget-friendly entry-level MacBook as early as 2024.

Supporting rumors initially sparked by journalist Mark Gurman, renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has revealed that Apple is contemplating the launch of a more accessible MacBook in a strategic move to bolster sales in its notebook lineup.

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Kuo suggests that the imminent release of MacBook Pro models with M3, M3 Pro, and M3 Max chips, slated for next week, aims to entice consumers with the anticipated performance leap brought about by these next-generation processors. Nevertheless, in case these advancements do not produce the desired effect, Apple may resort to the introduction of an entry-level MacBook at an affordable price point.

The analyst asserts that Apple’s goal is to sell between 8 to 10 million units of the new basic MacBook annually, potentially marking a significant expansion of its product range.

What to Expect from the New MacBook?

It is highly likely that Apple will market this device as simply “MacBook,” without associating it with the Air or Pro lines.

Rumors are rife that a 12-inch screen option is under consideration for 2024. Hence, it is reasonable to anticipate that the entry-level MacBook might feature a smaller screen, thus reducing costs and catering to users in search of an ultra-compact laptop.

Thanks to the highly efficient Apple Silicon chip, Cupertino’s tech giant is expected to avoid the issues that have plagued past Intel-based laptops. This should result in extended battery life and high performance, even in a compact form factor.

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Although precise specifications for the new entry-level MacBook remain shrouded in mystery, it is possible that Apple will employ an older processor, such as the M2 or the still capable M1 chip. This choice aligns with the product’s intended use for everyday tasks.

As 2024 draws near, more specific details regarding the entry-level MacBook are anticipated to surface in the coming weeks. Apple enthusiasts and potential buyers are eagerly awaiting further information to gain a clearer picture of what this new addition to the MacBook family will bring to the market.

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