Apple Expanding ‘Pegasus’ Search Engine Integration for Greater Precision Across iOS and macOS Applications

Apple Sets Sights on Enhanced Search Capabilities and Leverages Generative AI for Improved Results

In a strategic move aimed at bolstering its search capabilities, tech giant Apple is gearing up to expand the integration of its proprietary search engine, internally known as ‘Pegasus,’ across a wider range of iOS and macOS applications. The company’s ambitious plan includes incorporating ‘Pegasus’ into the popular App Store, as well as leveraging cutting-edge Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) to deliver even more precise search results.

Apple’s foray into developing its search engine has been years in the making. Initially, the company utilized ‘Pegasus’ to provide search results within services such as Spotlight, which was primarily designed for locating files and applications across devices. However, as time progressed, Spotlight underwent updates that included delivering web links relevant to users’ queries, allowing them to directly access webpages from the Spotlight results, similar to traditional search engines.

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The recent announcement highlights Apple’s intention to integrate ‘Pegasus’ more deeply into the iOS and macOS ecosystems. This expansion involves employing the search engine within applications, notably the App Store, and enhancing the technology with the help of their latest Generative AI tools.

Mark Gurman, a prominent analyst at Bloomberg, broke the news in his newsletter ‘Power On.’ Gurman had access to insider information from Apple’s search team, which is led by John Giannandrea, also responsible for overseeing machine learning and AI at the company.

Gurman explained that Apple has been diligently working on ‘Pegasus’ as a “next-generation” search engine for internal use within iOS and macOS. While the technology has already been incorporated into some Apple applications like Spotlight and Siri search results, the company aims to broaden its utilization, especially within the App Store, and improve the precision of search results through Generative AI.

It’s important to note that Apple has also been developing its web crawler called Applebot, which is used internally to gather search results and website information, subsequently delivering them through Siri or Spotlight.

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Apple boasts a dedicated advertising technology team responsible for App Store ad searches. This team manages advertisements for Apple News and various application advertisements related to stocks and weather. Gurman speculates that Apple could leverage the skills of this team for web search advertising.

Although ‘Pegasus’ search technology may not currently match the capabilities of industry giants like Google, Gurman emphasized that Apple possesses all the necessary components to develop a comprehensive search engine if they decide to launch one in the future.

As Apple’s pursuit of expanding ‘Pegasus’ across its ecosystem unfolds, the tech world eagerly anticipates the potential evolution of the company’s search capabilities, which could present new challenges to existing search engine providers.

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