Dropbox Ends Unlimited Storage Policy on Advanced Plan to Combat Illicit Activities

Dropbox has revealed the discontinuation of its ‘as much space as you need’ policy, effectively terminating the unlimited storage feature on its Dropbox Advanced plan. The move aims to curb illegitimate user activities that exploit the service for cryptocurrency mining and storage resale.

The Dropbox Advanced subscription plan was primarily tailored for business use, alleviating concerns of companies about continually expanding storage needs as their teams and requirements grew. A standout feature of the Advanced plan was its provision of unlimited storage capacity, alongside robust functionalities such as management tools, auditing, security measures, and integration options.

However, starting this Friday, customers opting for the Dropbox Advanced plan will no longer enjoy the benefit of unlimited storage. The decision to discontinue this feature was prompted by the company’s observation of an increasing number of users exploiting the plan for unauthorized activities such as cryptocurrency mining and personal storage aggregation, as well as storage resale.

According to a statement released by Dropbox on its website, over the past few months, the company identified a surge in customers purchasing Advanced subscriptions for purposes unrelated to legitimate business use. These activities, including the mining of cryptocurrencies like Chia, personal storage pooling, and storage reselling, resulted in storage consumption “thousands of times higher” than the normal usage patterns of genuine customers and businesses. As a result, Dropbox determined that such usage posed a “risk” to its user base, rendering the service “an unreliable experience.” Consequently, the company opted to prohibit abusive behavior.

As part of this strategic shift, Dropbox has declared the end of unlimited storage and announced a transition to a “metered model.” Nonetheless, the company emphasized that their commitment to providing adequate storage for legitimate business management has not wavered. They pledged to ensure a seamless transition to the new model.

Under the revised policy, users purchasing a Dropbox Advanced plan with three active licenses will receive 15 TB of shared storage space for their team. This capacity equates to room for approximately 100 million documents, four million photos, or 7,500 hours of HD video. Additional active licenses will each be granted 5 TB of storage.

Acknowledging the disappointment that may arise from the change in unlimited storage policy, the cloud storage service team assured that subscribers to the Advanced plan would not face disruptions.

For customers utilizing less than 35 TB of storage per license – comprising over 99 percent of their customer base – the total current storage volume will be maintained. Additionally, a 5TB credit will be extended to them for five years “at no extra charge.”

Regarding customers with over 35 TB of storage, they can continue using their current storage amount with an additional 5TB credit for one year “at no extra charge.” Dropbox’s team will communicate directly with such clients to facilitate a smooth transition by detailing the necessary storage for their organization.

For prospective users, those in need of extra space can purchase storage add-ons starting September 18. Existing customers, on the other hand, can acquire more storage beginning November 1 at a rate of $10 per month for 1TB or $8 per month when opting for an annual purchase, according to the current exchange rate.

Lastly, Dropbox informed that the migration of existing customers to the new policy would commence on November 1, with a notification about the transition provided “at least 30 days before the migration date.”

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