Google Calendar Enhances User Experience by Automatically Hiding Completed Tasks

Google Calendar users will now experience a more streamlined interface as the platform introduces a new feature that automatically hides completed tasks, improving overall user experience. This update comes as part of Google’s ongoing efforts to enhance its productivity tools.

Until now, users had to manually hide tasks by opening the application and unchecking the box next to “Tasks” in the left panel under the ‘My Calendars’ tab, as outlined in Google’s Help page. This process allowed users to either display or hide all tasks with a single click.

However, recent app users have received notifications explaining that they now have the option to automatically hide completed tasks from their calendar view. This feature can be accessed through the tab located at the top of the calendar interface, adjacent to the Settings menu.

The tab offers a list of viewing options, including Day, Week, Month, Year, Agenda, or 4 Days. Users can already toggle options like ‘Show Weekends’ and ‘Show Declined Events’ in this menu. Google Calendar has now added a new option, ‘Show Completed Tasks,’ which can be easily turned on or off according to the user’s preference.

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This change comes after Google initiated several updates to the Tasks feature within the Workspace accounts a couple of months ago. It is speculated that similar enhancements may eventually be rolled out to personal accounts as well, as Android Police has reported.

Google’s commitment to improving its productivity tools continues to benefit users by making task management within Google Calendar more intuitive and user-friendly. The automatic hiding of completed tasks is just one of many enhancements aimed at simplifying the user experience.

As Google strives to maintain its position as a leading provider of productivity tools, users can expect further updates and enhancements across its suite of applications in the future. Stay tuned for more developments from Google as they continue to refine their services.

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