Google Introduces Enhanced Security Measures for Gmail Accounts

Google has announced the expansion of more robust protection measures for Gmail accounts. These new measures will enable the service to request identity verification from users when they undertake sensitive actions, such as those related to filters or forwarding addresses.

The actions that trigger this heightened security include creating, modifying, or importing filters, adding a new forwarding address via the ‘Forwarding’ and POP/IMAP settings, or enabling IMAP access from the account settings. Google deems these actions as sensitive due to the potential negative consequences they could have if carried out by a malicious actor who has hacked into the account.

To ensure that it is the actual account owner and not a third party attempting these actions on a Gmail account, the service may request additional verification, as stated in the company’s Workspace blog.

This verification will be conducted using a second trust factor, similar to two-factor authentication. If the verification is not completed or fails, a critical security alert will be sent to a trusted linked device.


This added layer of protection is now available for all Workspace users with personal Google accounts. Last year, the company implemented similar measures for sensitive actions within Workspace accounts.

Enhancing account security has become paramount in an increasingly digital world where cyber threats loom large. Google’s move to introduce these additional security measures is aimed at safeguarding user data and ensuring that only authorized individuals can make sensitive changes to Gmail accounts.

Users are encouraged to take advantage of this feature to bolster the security of their Gmail accounts and protect their digital identity from potential threats.

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, Google remains committed to staying at the forefront of security innovation to protect its users from the ever-present risks associated with online activity.

For more information on these enhanced security measures and how to enable them, users can visit the official Google Workspace blog or refer to the account settings in their Gmail application.

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