How to Fix AirPods Crackling or Static Noise in AirPods Pro

AirPods Pro is known for their immersive sound quality and active noise cancellation. But it has encountered issues for some users in the form of crackling or static noises during audio playback. This inconvenience often arises post the firmware update 2B588, released in November, which seems to be at the root of these problems. However, Apple swiftly responded by rolling out subsequent updates. The latest being firmware version 2D15, aiming to resolve these auditory disruptions.

How to Check and Update Firmware

Verifying the installed firmware on your AirPods Pro is the initial step. To address issues with noise cancellation or unexpected sounds, updating the firmware is pivotal. Unfortunately, manual firmware updates aren’t possible, but Apple ensures automatic updates. To confirm the installed firmware and to set up AirPods Pro for the latest updates, follow the guidelines provided by Apple. Whenever an update is available, iOS will prompt the user accordingly.

Cleaning the Mesh and Ensuring Connectivity

A common cause affecting active noise cancellation is the accumulation of dirt on the top mesh of the AirPods Pro. This can impact the efficacy of noise cancellation, resulting in louder background noise and reduced bass. Detailed instructions and tips for cleaning your AirPods can be found in the provided link.

Additionally, it’s essential to ensure a clear wireless signal by avoiding interference sources in the vicinity. Moreover, obstructing the AirPods Pro with walls or other objects from the paired iPhone can lead to connectivity issues and auditory disturbances.

Troubleshooting Steps

If experiencing static noises persistently, here are steps to troubleshoot:

  1. Check Other Apps: Play audio from a different application to ascertain if the issue is app-specific.
  2. Reconnect AirPods: Try disconnecting and reconnecting the AirPods by placing them back into the charging case.
  3. Update Paired Device Firmware: Keep the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch updated with the latest software version to maintain compatibility and resolve potential issues.

Additional Measures

In case the issue persists, here are further steps:

  1. Restart iOS Device: A simple restart or forced restart of the iOS device might resolve the issue.
  2. Re-pair AirPods Pro: Re-pair the AirPods Pro with the device by going to Settings -> Bluetooth -> AirPods Pro -> blue icon (i) -> Forget This Device. Confirm and re-pair the AirPods Pro by setting them up again.

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Contacting Apple Support

Should all troubleshooting steps fail to rectify the AirPods crackling or static noises, it’s advisable to reach out to Apple’s support service for further assistance and potential hardware inspection or replacement.

For a seamless auditory experience with AirPods Pro, staying updated with the latest firmware, maintaining cleanliness, and ensuring proper connectivity are vital. By following these steps, users can resolve most issues related to AirPods crackling or static noises in their AirPods Pro.

Remember, keeping your AirPods Pro in optimal condition enhances your overall listening pleasure.

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