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How to Post Long Video on Instagram

Are you eager to share longer videos on your Instagram account but unsure about the best ways to do it? Instagram, a dynamic social platform, offers various formats and tools to make your content stand out. From posting lengthy videos on your feed to showcasing snippets in Stories and exploring the creative realm of Reels, here’s a comprehensive guide to mastering long-form video posts on Instagram.

Posting Long Videos on Your Feed

Instagram allows sharing videos of up to an hour’s duration directly on your feed. Here’s how you can accomplish this:

On Mobile:

  • Open Instagram and tap the “+” icon.
  • Select “Post” and choose your desired video.
  • Make necessary edits and adjustments.
  • Add details and share your video.

On Desktop:

  • Navigate to Instagram on your browser or Windows app.
  • Click the “+” icon on the left sidebar.
  • Choose “Select from Computer.”
  • Upload your video, edit, add details, and share.

Posting Long Videos on Reels

The Reels feature, competing with platforms like TikTok and Shorts, accommodates vertical videos of up to a minute and 30 seconds. Here’s how to maximize this feature:

  • Tap the “+” icon on the home screen.
  • Select “Reels” and pick your videos.
  • Use “Add Clips” to reach the maximum duration.
  • Edit and share your Reel.

Sharing Lengthy Content in Stories

Originally confined to 15 seconds, Stories now accommodate snippets of up to a minute. The process is seamless on the mobile app:

  • Tap the “+” on the home screen.
  • Choose “Story” from the bottom bar.
  • Access your gallery and select desired images or videos.
  • Edit and share your Story.

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Sharing Stories via PC requires third-party tools.

This guide empowers you to leverage Instagram’s diverse features for posting long videos across different sections of the platform. For a more in-depth understanding of Reels and Story posting, explore additional tips and tricks available.

Whether you’re a content creator, a business, or an enthusiast, maximizing the potential of Instagram’s video features can significantly enhance your engagement and reach.

Unlock the possibilities and captivate your audience with compelling long-form video content on Instagram!

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