How to Scan Documents and QR Codes on Your iPhone

iPhones have become indispensable tools for both work and leisure. One of the handy features of Apple’s beloved device is its ability to scan documents and QR codes effortlessly using the built-in Notes and Camera apps. Whether you need to digitize important paperwork or quickly access information through a QR code, your iPhone has you covered. In this article, we’ll guide you through the step-by-step process of scanning documents and QR codes on your iPhone.

Scanning Documents on Your iPhone

Open the Notes App: Locate the Notes app on your iPhone’s home screen and open it.

Create or Open a Note: You can either start a new note or open an existing one by tapping the pencil-and-pad icon located in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Access the Camera for Scanning: Above the keyboard, you will see a camera icon. Tap on it to access the scanning feature.

Select “Scan Documents”: From the options presented, tap on “Scan Documents” to initiate the scanning process.

Automatic Detection: Your iPhone will automatically detect the document you want to scan and place a yellow box around it. It will then promptly begin the scanning process. If your device doesn’t automatically detect the document, tap “Auto” in the top right corner to switch to manual mode.

Position and Capture: Position your camera over the document and press the capture button, which is the same button used for taking photos. After capture, you can reposition the yellow box to fit your document correctly.

Review and Save: Once you are satisfied with the scan, you have the option to either press “Keep Scan” to continue or “Retake” to delete the scan and try again. To save your document, tap “Save” in the bottom right corner.

View in Notes: Your scanned document will now appear in your note, making it easily accessible whenever you need it.

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Scanning QR Codes on Your iPhone

Open the Camera App: To scan a QR code, open your iPhone’s Camera app.

Position the QR Code: Position your camera so that the entire QR code is visible within the frame.

Automatic Detection: Your iPhone will automatically detect the QR code and place a yellow box around it.

Access the Link: Once the QR code has been successfully scanned, a notification bubble will appear. Tap on this bubble to be redirected to the website or information associated with the QR code.

These simple steps allow iPhone users to efficiently scan documents and QR codes with ease, eliminating the need for third-party apps and additional equipment. Whether you’re digitizing important paperwork or quickly accessing information through a QR code, your iPhone’s built-in capabilities have you covered, making your daily tasks more convenient and efficient.

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