Huawei Discontinues Streaming Music Subscription Service ‘Huawei Music’ Amidst Changing Landscape

Chinese tech giant Huawei has announced the discontinuation of its music streaming subscription service, ‘Huawei Music.’ This move comes as the company shifts its focus in response to changing market dynamics and recent trade developments. Huawei Music, which provided access to a vast library of millions of songs and artists with high-quality audio, was available for a monthly subscription fee

Launched in March 2020, Huawei Music was introduced as an alternative to Google services after the company faced restrictions imposed by the United States. These restrictions included the inability to use Google Play, prompting Huawei to create its own music app to cater to its user base.

Similar to industry giants like Apple Music and Spotify, Huawei’s music player allowed users to personalize their listening experience and adjust the audio quality for streaming or local downloads. Users had the option to choose from different audio quality settings, including low, standard, high, and superior.

However, Huawei recently stated that due to “recent business developments,” it would suspend Huawei Music from August 31. Instead, the company will now offer a free musical radio service on its smartphones, redirecting its efforts towards building and expanding a sustainable technological ecosystem for its users.

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Despite the discontinuation announcement, it appears that Huawei Music is still accessible through the company’s official app store, AppGallery, suggesting that it may still be functional in specific regions or on certain devices.

In a press release, Huawei emphasized that entertainment options remain a significant focus for its development teams. The company has expressed its intent to collaborate with partners to introduce new and innovative applications and tools throughout the year.

This move by Huawei reflects the tech giant’s adaptability in a rapidly changing tech landscape. As it reevaluates its product offerings, users can expect the company to continue exploring opportunities to enhance their digital experiences.

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