Instagram Expands “Close Friends” Feature to Include Feed and Reels

Users Can Now Share Feed Posts and Reels Exclusively with their Inner Circle

In a recent update, Instagram has rolled out an expansion to its “Close Friends” feature, allowing users to share not only stories and notes but also content from their ‘feed’ and ‘reels’ exclusively with a select group of contacts. This enhancement builds on the initial introduction of the “Close Friends” feature in May, initially catering to sharing personal stories.

The “Close Friends” list serves as a more intimate space where users can express themselves with greater freedom and a more personal touch. Originally designed for sharing stories, the feature has now been extended to include notes, and as of this Tuesday, users can also include their feed posts and reels within this exclusive sharing circle, as announced in an official statement by Instagram.

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Once content is shared with the “Close Friends” list, it will be prominently displayed on the walls of those chosen friends, who will be easily identifiable with a distinct green star marker. This visual cue ensures that users are aware when they are viewing content that has been specifically shared within this restricted group.

The simplicity of the feature lies in its uniformity across all types of content it supports. The same “Close Friends” list is applicable for sharing stories, notes, feed posts, and reels. Users can conveniently manage and customize this list through their profile settings. When it comes to limiting the distribution of content to these selected contacts, users need only specify their audience by adjusting the ‘audience’ settings before making a post.

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This expansion aligns with Instagram’s ongoing efforts to provide users with more control over their content and audience, fostering a sense of privacy and personalized interaction on the platform. As social media continues to evolve, these features cater to the growing need for users to curate their online presence and share content more selectively with those closest to them.

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