Is Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro Overheating Issue a Cause for Concern?

Apple’s latest iPhone 15 Pro has garnered attention, but not all of it is positive. Some users have reported overheating problems with their devices, leading to concerns about performance and safety. Apple recently made official statements addressing these issues, shedding light on the causes and promising solutions.

iOS 17 Bug

Apple acknowledged the overheating problem, attributing it to a bug in iOS 17. The company assured users that a software update is in the works to resolve this issue. Importantly, this update is already in the Beta phase and should not compromise the device’s performance concerning temperature control.

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Third-party Applications and System Overload

Besides the iOS bug, Apple also pointed out that certain third-party applications were overloading the system, contributing to the overheating problem. Apple is actively collaborating with these app developers to implement fixes.

One notable app in question is Instagram, known for activating the device’s processing power during routine activities like scrolling through posts and opening Reels. The recent Instagram update on September 27th aimed at iPhone 15 Pro should help alleviate this issue, with similar updates expected for other apps in the coming days.

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Initial Days and Background Activity

Apple clarified that it’s not unusual for the iPhone 15 Pro to heat up more in its initial days after adjustments or restoration. This period is characterized by increased background activity, such as downloading photos, videos, and applications, especially for users transferring data from previous iPhones. The elevated temperature typically returns to normal levels within a few hours or days.

Safety and Long-term Implications

Apple reassured users that overheating does not pose any safety risks or lead to long-term problems. If the device detects temperatures beyond the normal range, it activates a preventive system, including displaying an alert on the screen.

Analyzing Contradictory Statements

Apple’s official statement contradicts earlier claims made by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who attributed the overheating to the iPhone 15 Pro’s internal construction. Kuo suggested that reduced heat dissipation plates inside the device and the presence of new titanium sides contributed to the problem.

Additionally, the introduction of the A17 Pro chip, which offers significant performance improvements, especially in demanding applications, could be another factor.

Interestingly, the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus models, lacking the A17 Pro chip and titanium construction, seem to experience fewer overheating problems. However, there have been sporadic reports of overheating with these devices as well.

USB-C Port: A Potential Factor

Another factor to consider is the introduction of the USB-C port, which could temporarily heat up when used with adapters of 20 W or more. Nevertheless, Apple assures users that these chargers are safe, provided they feature Power Delivery (PD) technology for power regulation.


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