Meta Expands Horizon Worlds VR Experience to Mobile and Web Platforms

In a significant move towards democratizing virtual reality (VR) experiences, Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has announced the expansion of its social VR application, Horizon Worlds, to mobile devices and the web. This groundbreaking development was unveiled alongside the launch of an early access program aimed at providing users with a glimpse of the future of social interactions in the metaverse.

Meta’s decision to bring Horizon Worlds to a broader audience stems from their belief that the metaverse should be accessible to everyone, regardless of the device they use. Traditionally associated with VR headsets, Horizon Worlds is now taking a step into the wider digital realm.

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The company officially introduced the early access program for testing the social VR experience on mobile phones and web platforms, as detailed in their official Meta Quest blog. This trial phase will be gradually extended to involve more participants, allowing Meta to gather valuable feedback and insights from users.

Emphasizing the company’s commitment to safety, Meta assured that Horizon Worlds will maintain robust security features on both web and mobile platforms. These measures will include dedicated protections for adolescent users. Additionally, Meta has fine-tuned some controls to ensure a seamless experience across these new access points.

Horizon Worlds offers users the exciting opportunity to either craft their own virtual worlds or venture into pre-existing ones, either solo or in the company of friends and fellow community members. The expansion to mobile and web platforms is set to open up a plethora of possibilities for users, making the metaverse a more inclusive and accessible space.

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As the metaverse continues to evolve, Meta’s decision to make Horizon Worlds available on mobile and web platforms marks a significant milestone in the quest to make virtual reality more mainstream. With the ongoing early access program, it won’t be long before users worldwide can immerse themselves in this innovative social VR experience, regardless of their preferred device.

Meta’s ambitious vision of a metaverse accessible to all seems to be rapidly taking shape, promising a future where digital interactions transcend traditional boundaries and become an integral part of our daily lives.

For more information and updates on Horizon Worlds’ expansion, stay tuned to Meta’s official channels.

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