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Meta to Discontinue Messenger Lite for Android on 18th September

Users Redirected to Messenger and Facebook Lite as Meta Phases Out Messenger Lite for Android

Meta has announced its decision to discontinue the Android application Messenger Lite, with the shutdown set to take effect on 18th September 2023. The company has already begun redirecting users of this service to the standard Messenger and Facebook Lite applications.

Messenger Lite was introduced as a streamlined version of Meta’s messaging application, optimized for older Android devices or those with slow internet connections. The lightweight app occupied minimal storage space on devices while providing essential messaging features.

Originally launched in 2016, Messenger Lite has now been removed from the Google Play Store for new downloads, marking the end of an era seven years after its debut. Existing users who have the app installed on their devices have started receiving notifications regarding the impending discontinuation.

The notification explicitly states that the app will cease to function after September 18th. To ensure a smooth transition and to allay any concerns, Meta confirms that relevant information will be accessible within the main Messenger app.

Interestingly, throughout the current week, users of Messenger Lite for Android have been directed towards Messenger or Facebook Lite “for sending or receiving messages on Messenger,” as confirmed by a spokesperson from the company when speaking to TechCrunch.

It’s worth noting that there was once a lightweight version of Messenger available for iOS users as well. However, Meta made the decision to retire it in 2020.

As Meta continues to evolve its suite of applications and services, the discontinuation of Messenger Lite for Android aligns with the company’s efforts to streamline and optimize user experiences across its platforms. Users are encouraged to familiarize themselves with Messenger and Facebook Lite as suitable alternatives for their messaging needs.

With September 18th marked as the definitive date for the cessation of Messenger Lite, users are advised to transition to alternative platforms to ensure uninterrupted communication.

For more information, users can refer to official announcements from Meta within the primary Messenger application.

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