Microsoft Introduces Enhanced Features for Copilot AI Assistant in Windows 11

New Updates Enable Multi-Screen Functionality, Keyboard Shortcuts, and Local Account Access

Microsoft has unveiled new options for its AI-powered assistant, Copilot, within Windows 11. These updates include the ability to function across multiple screens, a keyboard shortcut to access Copilot’s thumbnail, and the possibility of utilizing it with “local accounts.”

The tech giant remains committed to enhancing user experience with its Copilot assistant, aiming to streamline its integration into daily workflows while optimizing its performance.

Users can now employ Copilot across multiple screens on Windows 11, granting access to its AI functionalities from any active screen without the need to switch back and forth.

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Microsoft detailed these developments on its support page, highlighting the latest updates introduced in the KB5032288 preview version of Windows 11.

However, Microsoft clarified that the multi-screen Copilot feature has been initially rolled out to “a small audience” and will have a broader release “in the coming months.”

In addition to this enhancement, the recent update brings forth a keyboard shortcut to open Copilot’s thumbnail preview. Users can access this preview by pressing the Alt + Tab keys on the keyboard, allowing quicker access to the assistant’s functions alongside other open windows’ previews.

Furthermore, users utilizing “local accounts” can access Copilot up to ten times. Those who have logged into Windows without a Microsoft account can seek Copilot’s assistance with a total of ten questions.

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Following this, as per Microsoft’s explanation, users will need to log in with a verified Microsoft account to continue using the assistant’s functionalities.

Lastly, this update also addresses performance improvements for the AI assistant. Microsoft has noted an increase in Copilot’s speed when accessed from the taskbar.

Another notable improvement addresses an issue where Copilot’s icon failed to display the active assistant, even when it was operational.

These enhancements underscore Microsoft’s dedication to refining Copilot’s capabilities within Windows 11, aiming to deliver a seamless and efficient AI-powered assistant experience for users.

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