Opera GX Enhances RGX Mode for Free High-Definition Images and Videos Right From Your Browser

Opera's Gaming-Centric Browser Now Offers Crisp HD Content Without Upgrading Graphics Cards

Opera Software, the Norwegian company renowned for its gaming-oriented browser Opera GX, has unveiled a significant update to its RGX mode, offering users an exceptional high-definition (HD) multimedia experience directly from their browser, all at no extra cost. This update eliminates the need for users to upgrade their graphics cards to enjoy improved image and video quality.

Opera GX, initially launched in 2019, has since garnered a dedicated gaming community. In December 2022, Opera introduced the RGX 1.0 mode, designed to enhance the quality of images and videos within the browser. Fast forward to today, and Opera has taken it a step further by making high-definition content easily accessible to its users, all without the hassle of investing in expensive hardware upgrades.

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The latest update comes with an exciting addition – a real-time preview feature that enables users to witness the graphics improvements instantly by simply hovering their cursor over the image or video in question.

Maciej Kocemba, Director of Product for Opera GX, expressed, “By introducing the preview option, users can check the improvements for themselves. We knew people might think our promises of high definition were too good to be true.”

To activate RGX mode, users can access the settings menu within the browser. Additionally, they have the flexibility to customize their settings, choosing the image and video enhancement features that suit their preferences.

Opera GX has emphasized its commitment to providing a means for users to enjoy “sharper” content without having to “pay and commit,” especially in light of the soaring hardware prices and the increasing need for subscriptions in streaming services.

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The company proudly states that with the RGX mode, users can relish their favorite content “at a quality similar to YouTube Premium, but at the cost of YouTube in 2006” – in other words, for free.

As the Opera GX browser continues to cater to the gaming community, this RGX mode update further solidifies its position as a premier choice for gamers looking to enhance their multimedia experience without breaking the bank or upgrading their hardware.

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