PlayStation Ceases Integration with X Social Media Platform, Prompting Elon Musk Investigation

Xbox Took Similar Step in April; PlayStation Users to Lose Access on November 13th

In a recent announcement, PlayStation has revealed its decision to terminate the integration service with the social media platform X (formerly Twitter) on its consoles, effective November 13th. This move follows Xbox’s decision to unlink from X earlier this year in April, citing the necessity to disable the ability to share game uploads on the social network directly from the console.

As of Monday, November 13th, PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 users will no longer have access to X content from their gaming devices, and they will be unable to publish on the social network directly from their consoles.

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According to a notification on the gaming giant’s Support website, users will lose the ability to utilize features such as content sharing, trophies, and “other game-related activities on X.”

Elon Musk, the owner of the X social media platform, has expressed his intention to investigate the reasons behind the termination of services by two of the major console platforms. Musk hinted at a possible inquiry in a post on X, responding to X News Daily’s coverage of the discontinuation of X integration on PlayStation. Musk stated that he will “look into” the matter, raising questions about the motivations behind the simultaneous cessation of services by these prominent gaming platforms.

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The decision by both PlayStation and Xbox to sever ties with X raises eyebrows in the gaming community, and users are eager to understand the underlying reasons behind this strategic shift in social media integration within the gaming console landscape.

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