Samsung Launches ‘Delivery and Installation’ Program to Promote Circular Economy

Revolutionary initiative allows users to recycle old devices and earn discounts on new models with hassle-free delivery and installation.

In a groundbreaking move towards sustainability, Samsung has unveiled a new program, ‘Delivery and Installation,’ aimed at fostering a circular economy. This exclusive initiative, accessible through the company’s official website, encourages users to recycle their old devices in exchange for enticing discounts on the latest Samsung products, coupled with seamless delivery and installation services.

Embracing Circular Economy Through ‘Samsung Delivery and Installation’

Samsung’s ‘Delivery and Installation’ program stands out as a novel approach to contribute to the circular economy. The initiative allows customers to participate in a seamless process where they can recycle ‘smartphones,’ ‘smartwatches,’ tablets, monitors, televisions, and compatible household appliances, regardless of the brand or condition.

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Recycling Made Simple Across Product Categories

Participants in the program are required to return a product belonging to the same category they wish to purchase. For instance, those seeking to acquire a new smartphone must trade in their old mobile device, while individuals looking to upgrade their television should return their outdated model. This streamlined approach ensures a straightforward and effective recycling process.

Flexible Rewards: Rebates or Direct Discounts, Along with Delivery and Installation

Upon submitting their old devices, users are presented with two options: Samsung either reveals the rebate amount they can claim for their traded item or offers a direct discount applicable to their new purchase. The nature of the incentive depends on the product category, providing customers with flexibility in choosing the benefit that best suits their preferences. Furthermore, Samsung’s ‘Delivery and Installation’ program extends its commitment to customer satisfaction by offering hassle-free delivery and professional installation services for the newly acquired products.

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Guillermo Barberá Galiana, Head of Ecommerce Sales at Samsung Electronics Iberia, expressed enthusiasm for the program, stating, “Providing consumers with the option to send their old devices to the right place for recycling and, additionally, receive an incentive, is a technological renewal plan that champions the circular economy. We are delighted to offer this initiative across all our product categories, coupled with the added convenience of delivery and professional installation services.”

This innovative program not only aligns with Samsung’s commitment to environmental responsibility but also empowers consumers to actively participate in sustainable practices while enjoying the latest advancements in technology. ‘Delivery and Installation’ sets a new standard in the tech industry by combining ecological consciousness with consumer convenience, marking a significant step towards a more sustainable and responsible future.

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