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Social Media Giant X (Formerly Twitter) Developing Marketplace for Inactive Usernames

X's Initiative to Free Up Dormant Usernames and Explore Monetization Options Takes Shape

The renowned social media platform X, previously known as Twitter, has embarked on a groundbreaking project to create a marketplace dedicated to the sale and purchase of long-inactive usernames, with prices starting at $50,000 in some instances.

Usernames on social media platforms, typically preceded by the “@” symbol, are exclusive to individual accounts, ensuring that no two users can have the same username. These identifiers serve as a critical element for user identification and also appear in the profile’s URL.

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This innovative development traces back to an announcement made by tech magnate Elon Musk in December of the previous year. Musk expressed his intent to liberate usernames that had lain dormant on the platform for years, essentially seeking to remove accounts that had neither posted nor logged in for an extended period.

This move was initially expected to impact roughly 1.5 billion accounts. Subsequently, in January of the current year, the platform appeared to consider auctioning off some of these inactive usernames as a means to bolster the social media platform’s economic prospects

Presently, the tech company states in its ‘Help Center’ that it does not disclose inactive usernames. Nonetheless, it is actively preparing a marketplace to facilitate the sale and purchase of these usernames, as reported by Forbes.

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Forbes claims to have accessed internal emails from X employees who are part of a dedicated team managing these identifiers. According to these sources, the social media giant has already been in contact with potential buyers, and in certain cases, has initiated discussions with an initial price point of $50,000.

This development marks a significant shift in how social media platforms manage inactive usernames and offers intriguing possibilities for both X and its users. It represents a noteworthy step towards rejuvenating the platform and exploring new avenues for monetization.

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