Twitch Introduces Stories on Mobile App, Enhancing User-Streamer Connectivity

Twitch debuts Stories, ephemeral content sharing, aimed at strengthening the bond between users and streamers.

Twitch, the popular live-streaming platform, has officially rolled out Stories on its mobile application. These Stories comprise brief posts that vanish 48 hours after their publication, allowing users to share video clips and images, reminiscent of Instagram and Facebook Stories.

In a recent blog post, Twitch announced its initiative to implement Stories in July, during the third edition of TwitchCon held in Paris, France. The platform aims to offer its users and streamers a means to stay connected with the community even when not actively live streaming.

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Twitch has now officially launched Twitch Stories. Users can use this feature to share short-lived posts containing photos, clips, or free-form content, using elements such as text, emojis, and various backgrounds.

The platform explained that Stories will appear in a new section on the top panel of the ‘Following’ page. Initially, only platform partners and affiliates who have conducted at least one live stream in the last 30 days will have access to this feature.

Twitch will gradually roll out Stories over the week for users with the latest version of the application and for streamers who meet the eligibility criteria. The company has stated its intention to expand access to creating these ephemeral posts in the future, subject to adherence to safety measures.

Streamers can post Stories with content like images or clips, which are excerpts from their channel’s streams or from another channel. They can also create Stories in canvas format, using backgrounds designed by Twitch, such as gradients with various colors.

Another noteworthy aspect of this feature is that users will receive notifications when a streamer they follow posts a Story. They can also access specific data, such as the number of views and reactions the Story has received. Additionally, streamers with at least 30 followers can create exclusive Stories for their subscribers.

Ensuring the safety of the content, Twitch plans to employ automated scanning measures to prevent the uploading of harmful material. Users will also be able to report harmful content through Stories that violates the platform’s community guidelines.

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Furthermore, Twitch has stated that, in the coming months, it will introduce new features, including the ability to create polls, share external videos on Twitch, and tag other platform users.

Twitch emphasizes that Stories provide an easier and more personal means for streamers to communicate with their followers. For instance, they can use Stories to notify their followers if a stream is delayed or share updates, such as acquiring new gaming equipment.

The introduction of Stories on Twitch’s mobile app is a significant step in enhancing the user-streamer connection, allowing for more interactive and personal engagement within the platform.

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