Valve Introduces Game Privacy Feature on Steam to Allow Users to Keep Gaming Habits Confidential

Users Can Now Mark Games as Private to Conceal Playing Activity from Public Profiles

In a significant development for Steam users, Valve is gearing up to introduce a new feature that enables users to mark games as private, concealing them from their public profiles and preventing others from knowing which titles they are currently playing.

Details Uncovered by Developer Pavel Djundik

Renowned developer Pavel Djundik recently discovered a groundbreaking option on Steam that allows users to mark individual games as private. Djundik shared this revelation on his X-profile (formerly known as Twitter), as reported by the gaming-focused portal PcGamer.

Privacy Options on Steam Profiles

Steam already offers users the ability to set their profiles as public, private, or visible only to friends. Moreover, users can restrict the visibility of specific profile elements, such as friend lists or inventories. The upcoming addition is an innovative privacy feature embedded directly into the game options.

Long-Requested Feature Addressed

This feature has been a long-standing demand from players within the gaming community, and Valve has finally taken steps to address it. While the privacy feature is currently in development, it has not yet been incorporated into the Steam client’s beta version, according to PcGamer.

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How the Feature Works

Once activated, the privacy feature will allow users to hide specific games from their library, conceal titles they have recently played, and even keep their current gaming sessions under wraps from other Steam users.

This move by Valve reflects a commitment to enhancing user privacy and addressing the longstanding requests of the gaming community. As development progresses, Steam users can anticipate a more discreet gaming experience, giving them greater control over the visibility of their gaming activities on the platform.

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