Valve’s Steam Update Enhances Gaming Experience with PlayStation Controller Compatibility Indicators

New Features Highlight DualSense and DualShock Compatibility in Store and Library Sections for Steam Users

Valve’s computer gaming platform, Steam, has rolled out an update introducing indicators in both the store and library sections, signaling games compatible with PlayStation’s DualSense and DualShock controllers, marking a significant step in improving user experience.

Recognizing the growing interest among gamers in using controllers across various game titles, Valve noted that approximately 12% of users regularly opt for a controller while gaming.

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Building upon its legacy of simplifying the search for games compatible with Microsoft’s Xbox controllers, as outlined in a statement shared within its User Community, Valve’s recent update extends these conveniences to the vast user base utilizing PlayStation’s DualShock and DualSense controllers.

The update introduces several improvements designed to streamline user interactions within the Steam store. Users can now easily sort and filter sections, accessing compatibility-related information directly on individual store pages. Additionally, they can verify whether games in their library seamlessly function with the controller they prefer.

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By default, Steam filters content based on the most recently used controller. However, users have the freedom to manually select any of the primary controller models to personalize their gaming experience.

An important addition in this update is the implementation of a dedicated controller compatibility section within the library. When Steam identifies a previously used controller, it will display relevant compatibility details for the games associated with that controller. Furthermore, if a specific game requires a particular controller for gameplay, a clear message will prominently indicate this requirement.

Valve’s commitment to improving user experience and providing detailed information on controller compatibility through this update underlines its dedication to enhancing the overall gaming experience on the Steam platform.

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