WhatsApp Introduces Unique Username Feature Allowing Direct Contact Without Phone Numbers

Latest Update Reveals Beta Testing for Enhanced User Search Functionality

WhatsApp is advancing its user-centric features, particularly focusing on unique usernames. The messaging platform aims to enable users to locate individuals not saved in their contact list directly from the app, eliminating the need for having their phone numbers. This new feature allows users to input a unique username through the search bar for instant connection.

Earlier this year in May, WhatsApp initiated work on a feature permitting users to select a username for their account, functioning as a distinctive identifier. This username would replace the display of phone numbers in the contact information, aligning with practices seen on platforms like Telegram.

Continuing the trajectory of this feature, WhatsApp has further developed capabilities, enabling the direct search for unsaved users within the app by simply entering their unique username into the search bar.

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This significant advancement was confirmed by the specialized platform WaBetaInfo upon analyzing the beta update of WhatsApp for Android version The search bar now suggests inputting unique usernames, allowing users to find contacts who aren’t saved. Consequently, reaching out to other users becomes possible without the necessity of possessing their personal phone numbers.

This enhancement by Meta-owned WhatsApp streamlines the connection process between users, whether they are acquaintances or strangers, solely by having the unique username of the intended user. Alongside this, it fortifies the privacy and security of users’ personal data, especially their phone numbers.

Nevertheless, it’s crucial to note that the unique username function will be optional. Not all users will necessarily possess a username, and consequently, those without a designated username won’t appear in the search bar.

As of now, the unique username configuration and the corresponding user search method remain in the developmental phase. WhatsApp is actively fine-tuning this feature to offer a seamless and secure experience for its users.

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