Xbox Strengthens Content Moderation with 87% Automated Actions in First Half of 2023

Microsoft Leverages Advanced AI Models to Enhance User Safety and Experience on Xbox Live

In a bid to ensure a secure and enjoyable online environment for users, Xbox has reported that a substantial 87% of content moderation actions taken in the first half of this year were triggered by the platform’s automatic systems. Microsoft has fortified its moderation capabilities by integrating new artificial intelligence (AI) models designed to identify interactions and images that violate community standards.

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Microsoft acknowledges the dynamic nature of the gaming industry and the potential impact on user experiences. To stay ahead of emerging challenges, the company emphasizes the continuous exploration and utilization of AI for content moderation acceleration.

The latest tools in use, such as ‘Community Sift’ and ‘Turing Bletchley v3’, play pivotal roles in sifting through billions of human interactions and scanning user-generated images to ensure only appropriate content is displayed. This information is detailed in Xbox’s third transparency report, focusing on actions taken during the first half of 2023.

During this period, a staggering 17.09 million proactive moderation actions were executed, constituting 87% of the total actions. Notably, over 4.7 million pieces of content were blocked before reaching players, signifying a 39% increase in toxic images (135,000) compared to the previous period. Proactive actions against harassment and intimidation also rose by 95%, totaling 84,000.

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In addition to these measures, Xbox introduces a new voice reporting feature, allowing players to capture and report voice-based harassment within the gaming environment. This feature underscores the company’s commitment to fostering a safer and more inclusive gaming community.

As Microsoft continues to harness the power of AI and proactive moderation tools, the gaming community can expect an ongoing effort to mitigate the impact of toxic content and enhance the overall gaming experience on Xbox Live.

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