YouTube Develops a Banner Offering Personalized Shorts Recommendations

YouTube is working on a new feature that will provide personalized Shorts recommendations based on user interests, with a new 'banner' introduction to the 'Play' button.

YouTube is taking steps to enhance the user experience with the development of a new feature that aims to provide personalized Shorts video recommendations. This new feature will be displayed at the bottom of the interface via a ‘banner,’ introducing the ‘Play’ button.

Currently, to access these short videos, YouTube offers a dedicated tab located at the bottom of the main screen, alongside buttons for ‘Home,’ ‘Create,’ ‘Subscriptions,’ and ‘You,’ which displays the user’s profile.

In an effort to increase the visibility of Shorts on Android devices, Google is working on the implementation of a ‘banner’ that will be positioned at the bottom of the main page of its video platform. This development is an extension of a prior feature.

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Back in May, some users came across a similar option displayed at the center of the screen, accompanied by the message: “Can’t decide what to watch? Try a new way to discover videos,” alongside the play button.

Recently, Android Police‘s Zachary Kew-Denniss discovered that this button, featuring a white play icon on a black background, now remains at the bottom of the screen as users scroll through the content.

It is suggested that YouTube will use information from a user’s viewing history, subscribed channels, liked videos, and subscribed creators to generate these short video recommendations. This feature appears to be part of a limited trial for select users and does not seem to be an official experiment conducted by Google’s video platform.

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Incorporating personalized Shorts recommendations through this ‘banner’ is set to revolutionize the way users discover and enjoy short-form content, making it even more accessible and engaging for YouTube’s vast user base.

Please note that this feature is currently under testing, and not all users may have access to it at this time.

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