YouTube Tests Conversational AI and Comment Topic Organization Features

Improving User Experience and Content Creation through AI-Driven Functions

YouTube, a leading video-sharing platform, is constantly innovating to enhance the user experience and simplify content creation. The latest addition to its roster of artificial intelligence (AI) features includes the AI-powered capability to summarize and organize video comments by topic and a conversational AI chatbot for seamless content-related queries during video playback, all without interrupting the viewing experience.

Enhancing User Experience with AI-Driven Tools

YouTube has been at the forefront of leveraging AI to improve both user engagement and content creation. Recent AI-powered tools, such as the Dream Screen for generating ‘shorts’ backgrounds and the automatic dubbing function known as Aloud, were announced at the “Made On YouTube” event in September.

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Now, YouTube is testing two new AI-driven features designed to elevate the viewing experience: the ability to organize video comments by topic and a conversational chatbot.

AI-Driven Comment Topic Organization

The AI-generated comment topic tool aims to assist users in comprehending and engaging in comment conversations with ease. For long-format videos, YouTube will automatically categorize extensive comment sections into easily digestible topics. Users can access these organized and categorized comments by clicking on the new ‘Topics’ option in the video’s comment section.

YouTube emphasizes that this function is equally valuable for content creators, allowing them to engage in discussions about the video’s subject matter more quickly and even find inspiration for new content based on their audience’s opinions and suggestions. Creators can also delete entire topics by removing individual comments related to that specific subject.

It is important to note that the topics are extracted exclusively from publicly posted comments and cannot be created from comments marked as “for review” or those including blocked keywords or published by blocked users.

Conversational AI for Videos

In addition to comment organization, YouTube has begun testing a conversational AI tool – a chatbot that users can query about the video’s subject matter or request recommendations for related content, all without interrupting the video playback. To access this feature, users simply need to click on the ‘Ask about this video’ tab, conveniently located alongside the video sharing and download icons.

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Both the comment topic summary and conversational AI features are currently in the experimental stage on YouTube and are only available to eligible users subscribed to YouTube Premium.

As YouTube continues to push the boundaries of what AI can offer in the world of video sharing, these new features promise to enhance the overall user experience and provide content creators with valuable tools for audience engagement and inspiration. While in the testing phase, they represent YouTube’s commitment to remaining at the forefront of technological innovation in the digital video space.

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