What is File:///SDCard and How to Access File Manager

Nowadays, everyone secures their data either by putting it in the gallery or file manager with a lock to prevent unauthorized access.

But in this article, you will understand how to access the data of any file manager using the help of the Chrome browser. Let us know about the data features of the Chrome browser.

How to Open File:///SDCard

So, if you want to access file manager data, first open the Chrome browser on your phone. Type File:///sdcard in the search, and click on enter.

After that, you can see all the internal folders here.

Click on the folder of that what you wat to open, then click on it to open the folder. You can see all the filles, folders and documents in that folder.

  • Open Chrome Browser
  • Type File:///sdcard
  • Access all your folders

How to manage your photos with file sdcard

After open file sdcard on your web browser click on Camera folder. you can view all the photos and videos on your phone here.

If you are unable to see files ad see only blank page then change your phone settings.

Gallery Menu → Settings → Show Hidden Files

After change these setting, you can check your files using file///sdcard

You can also check WhatsApp folders for images and videos. And you can also view images and play a videos on Chrome.

Find images and videos by its format. If it is jpg, png, svg, webp or jpeg are images and if it is MP4 or avi are is a video. You can click on image file to open it and you can also see the video by open video files.

File sdcard gallery, WhatsApp, and Other

You can see the different folder by following paths

Gallery: fie:///sdcard/dcim/

WhatsApp: fie:///sdcard/whatsapp/

Telegram: fie:///sdcard/teegram/

Downloaded files: fie:///sdcard/downlload/

Images: fie:///sdcard/images

Videos: fie:///sdcard/movies

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Access File:///SDcard on Firefox browser

If you want to check the SD card, open the Firefox browser on your phone, search for file:///storage and enter.

Here, click on your SDCard, then you can see the folders on the SD card. You can see all the photos and videos on the SD card.

If you want to access internal storage, type File:///SDcard and enter. All internal storage folders will appear here. You can be surprised to see them all.

You can see a check box of show hidden objects to see hidden files also.

So, in this way, using the help of Chrome and Firefox browsers, you can easily access internal storage and SD card. You can see whatsapp photos and videos are on your phone.

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